Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slim Summer Cocktails

Slim Summer Cocktails | The Skinny Mojito
The Skinny Mojito is the perfect way to enjoy the summer's most refreshing beverage without the effects of the high calories and sugar on your waistline.


* 1 oz. Rum
* 12 Mint leaves
* 6 oz. Sprite Zero
* 1 tablespoon Splenda
* 1 oz. Lime Juice
* 2 Lime Slices
* Crushed Ice


* Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of the glass.
* Add Sprite Zero, rum, Splenda and lime juice. Stir well.
* Add desired amount of crushed ice and garnish with limes and leftover mint leaves.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Nutritional Content
1-serving: 8 oz.
Calories: 73
Fat: 0.1 g
Sodium: 29 mg
Carbohydrates: 2.5 g
Sugar: 0.5 g
Fiber: 0.1 g
Protein: 0.1 g

This nutritional content fits within the guidelines of any low to moderate carbohydrate diet including the Zone Diet, Atkins and South Beach Diet. Please drink responsibly!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Winning Combo!

The "Winning Combo" coming in September! We have a new start date for "The Winning Combo": (training with FormWell and food with Good Measure Meals - details on our website this week): Kick off presentation Thursday, Sept 22nd, 7pm. Contest starts 9/28/09). Stay tuned..........

Bootcamp Starting this Fall!

Boot Camp is starting in September! Heather Odeh will be coming out of "retirement" to teach a great Boot Camp class starting in September! The class is scheduled for M-W-F at 9:30am - 10:15am. Only $15 per class! Also, if we have enough interest we will have a early morning class too (5am ish)! More details to follow.......

Welcome Travis!!

* New FormWell Team Member! Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the FormWell team: Travis Brown, MS, CSCS*D! Travis is a graduate of University of Tennessee with a BS in Exercise Science and a MS in Recreation Administration. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, recertified with Distinction, with the NSCA and has certifications with ACE and USAW. He is a former D1 athlete and has worked and played with numerous elite athletes over the years. He has been working in the fitness field for over 12 years and has a great deal of experience training one-on-one, groups & teams. Travis specializes in weight loss, toning, strength and conditioning, boot camp, cardiovascular fitness and sport specific training. Travis is available immediately and is excited to be a part of the FormWell team!

Junk Food

Musings on the Time Magazine article

Exercise is essential for weight loss, because without strength-training, you will lose both fat AND muscle, and that will lead to a diminished metabolism. You must perform strength-training or you are doomed to fail.

That being said, the article in Time magazine is interesting. There is a relationship between exercise and the desire to reward oneself.

I did gain almost 20lbs by training for triathlons. For some reason I thought a bagel with cream cheese after a 70 mile bike ride was fine. So, was the McDonalds Milk Shake after running intervals for a hour at the track. Fast forward 10 years...

I actually lost body fat and weight when I had a little baby and he wouldn't sit for more than 30 minutes at a time waiting for me to workout. I had to workout more efficiently and harder. I also "compensated" by eating really strictly!

Although today, our kids are older and would put up with a 2 hour workout, I am pleased with the results that a really intense workout gives me. Time management is awesome. We also have an active lifestyle. I walk my dog, we hike on weekends, we play in the swimming pool with our kids.

I buy only organic, grass fed all natural meats. We eat tons of fresh veggies and fruit. We are trying to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Exercise enhances life and allows for a better quality of life. Perhaps for some, that’s not important. But as leisure activities take a back seat and calorie consumption increases (women eat an average of 300 calories a day more than 30 yrs. ago), we need to take a long hard look at our lifestyle. A healthy weight is a byproduct of healthy living.

In the past we grew our our own food, cleaned our laundry with our hands, walked to school, did our own gardening. . .we moved all the time. Moving is good. Eating healthy is good.
Just my musings on the article.

Why Exercise Won\'t Make You Thin

Why Exercise Won\'t Make You Thin

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recipe for Lemonade

Agave Lemondade
TIME: 5 minutes

* 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
* 1/2 cup light agave syrup
* 1 quart of water
* a few lemon slices for garnish, if you like

Mix everything together, adding a bit more of any ingredient, if necessary, so it’s just the right mix of sweet and tart for your taste.