Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Primal Workouts! Primal Eating!

I have gotten more and more into training and eating more and more intuitively. Doesn't it make sense that our earth came blessed with all we would need to eat and be fit. I have been eating no processed foods for over 3 weeks now and my workouts have been increasing been more and more whole body movement, play, yoga. It feels great. I feel like I have been honoring my body. Try it!
Check out www.marksdailyapple.com for more information on how to incorporate this into your life.

Bootcamp Starting this Fall!

This fall FormWell Personal Training is offering a
Boot Camp "Get Fit" Program
with Heather Odeh,instructor/St. Jude Mom
Call: Heather 770-804-1898

This Boot Camp will focus on becoming an all round healthier individual.
Open to all levels!
Time: 9:30-10:15am
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (exceptions on holidays)
Where: FormWell Personal Training
7840 Roswell Rd. Bldg. 400 Suite 475
(in Morgan Falls office park on corner of Morgan Falls Rd and Roswell Rd.)
$20 for individual classes bought or $15 if you buy 8. Cards expire 1 month from purchase.

A 10 week program structured as follows:

Phase 1: September 9-30 Mastering Exercise Techniques & Form

Phase 2:October 2-28 (no Boot Camp on Oct 9, 12, 30th)
Progression, Goal Setting and Accomplishingamc

Phase 3: November 2-20 Getting the Body you Want!

Call 770-804-1898
or email heatherodeh@aol.com
now to hold your spot!
Come in before Sept 9 to get a free body fat test!
This email was only sent to 2nd grade parents. Feel free to invite anyone else

Diet, Inflamation and Disease

By Dr. Barry Sears
In Nutrition, Videos

August 21, 2009
The primary cause of most long term illnesses is inflammation, says Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. New! Part 3 added.

In the final analysis, it’s all about your genes, especially how an anti-inflammatory diet, like the Zone Diet, can turn off inflammatory genes and simultaneously turn on anti-inflammatory genes that promote cellular rejuvenation, repair and healing. Your ability to control inflammation becomes the molecular definition of wellness. Furthermore, both physical and mental performance are optimized with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Dr. Sears presented on this relationship between diet, inflammation, disease.

“Silent” inflammation, the kind that doesn’t create pain, but can be around for decades and cause many of the common long term illnesses. The perfect storm causing the worldwide epidemic of obesity consists of refined carbohydrates, cheap vegetable oils, and reduced Omega-3 consumption.

Dr. Sears talks about how the Zone is the best diet for reducing silent inflammation. The Zone is a moderate diet in which the hormonal response to food is balanced (through controlled quantities). The net result is reduced insulin secretion, reduced Omega-6 fatty acid intake, and reduced production of toxic fat (which leads to better athletic performance).