Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 2 Cleanse!


Week 2 is in the books and I completed what I set out to do, my system is CLEANSED! 2 weeks of no sugar, low dairy, no gluten products, no alcohol and hard training. MY ENERGY LEVELS CONTINUE TO GROW, I FEEL FANTASTIC!

Wt loss: 1lb (expected), 6lb total in 14 days
Body fat loss: Will update monthly

Week 3-12 and Ongoing diet:

1. Lean protein at every meal - eat every 3-4 hours
2. NO PROCESSED CARBS (except "cheat" moments and special occasions)
3. Carbs allowed: All fruits, Veggies, Oatmeal and occasional sweet potato
4. No carbs when having alcohol (only protein and veggies)
5. Simple sugar only during runs longer than 90 minutes and immediately after weight training sessions.

I have also signed up for another 31mile Trail running race (this one has 2 river crossings, fun!) and will attempt to do the training and race with as little simple carbohydrate intake as possible, wish me luck (4/3/2010 race date).

Those of you with me, stay the course! Those of you not YET committed, cmon, try one week, you will be amazed how you feel!

Good luck!


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