Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3 Cleanse


Week 3 completed! The biggest accomplishment of this week (and really one of the main goals of this cleanse and challenge) is that I no longer have any cravings for simple sugar! Foods that are not on my diet (except in moderation) no longer have any "power" over me, I can choose to eat or not eat them - this is such a wonderful feeling when you have been eating a lot of sugar products! I also went out to dinner 2x this week with alcohol and had no starchy carbs, no problem. In addition, I had a "cheat" of 2 slices of pizza after a long run in the rain today and it was well worth the calories!

Another accomplishment is the beginning of cutting my calories and carbs while running long distances. Today I had a small protein shake (100 calories) and a bananna (100 calories) before a 100 minute trail run (about 9-10 miles) and only took in 200 calories during the run! Was not easy, but I will get used to this (I burned about 1200 calories during the run).

Week 3:

Wt loss: .6lbs (again, expected)
Clothes: much looser
Energy and mood: FANTASTIC!

(Side note:I have noticed Rami is thinner! I am his wife and I get to see him more than anyone! If you know what I mean!

Talk to you next week!



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