Monday, January 11, 2010

Who is in with Me!???

Since I always tell clients if you want a goal to be real, tell people what it is and challenge them to go along with you for the "ride", here we go with a New Year's Challenge to all!

My Goal: Drop 3-5% body fat and 1lb per week of body weight by 4/1/2010

Why am I doing this: I want to be leaner and lighter when I run my next Ultra Marathon, the goal is to run 50+ miles on mountain trails before I turn 50 years old (you don't have to do this part of the challenge with me, but you can if you like :-). Also, I have off my normal eating "plan" since 12/6/09 - the date of my last Ultra and I need to cleanse my body!

My Training: 3x per week of 45 minutes of intense weight training. 3-5x per week of intense cardio (at least 80% of Max Heart Rate).

My Diet starting 1/4/2010:
First 14 days (cleanse): Less than 100grams of low glycemic carbs per day, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol. No processed carbohydrates at all (bread, crackers, sweets, pasta, etc.)

The remaining 10 weeks and beyond:
- No simple sugar/sweets (except during runs longer than 90 minutes, immediately after hard workouts and on special occasions - this goes for everything)
- Low or no dairy (except cream in coffee and some cheese)
- Low or no Gluten products (bread, pasta, etc.)
- Carbs allowed: All fruits, All veggies, Oatmeal in AM
- Lean protein or protein powder at every meal (5-6x per day)
- As much whole food as possible
- No carbs at all if drinking alcohol (just protein and veggies)

Who is in with me???????????

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