Friday, February 19, 2010

Practicing peace with your body!

Here are a few simple strategies for cultivating real happiness by practicing peace with your body:

1) Be kind to your body (instead of engaging in cruel self-talk and/or physical torture).

2) Show your body love by nurturing it with enough good food (i.e. real, whole food) and physical movement that you feel relaxed and energized rather than stuffed and depleted.

3) Practice compassion for your body by slowing down enough to listen for signs of suffering -- i.e. a sore back, upset stomach, head ache, tight shoulders, etc. -- and give yourself/your body the care it is asking for.

4) Forgive yourself for not being physically or spiritually flawless; instead, embrace yourself as a whole human being who is a work in process and whose destination is the journey.

5) Exercise courage when you feel the urge to escape uncomfortable feelings or situations by depriving or indulging your appetite. Seek instead a middle path of staying present to what is.

6) Act responsibly towards your body by caring for it in a way that promotes overall health and well being -- mentally, physically, spiritually.

These are just a few ways that you can learn to feel at home in the body you have, while cultivating the deeper kind of happiness, peace, and well being that no diet or promise to lose weight can give.


  1. Hi Rami and Heather. I'm glad to see this concept catching on. I coined this term back in 2006 to describe the process I use for my workshops and retreats with women in recovery from various kinds of eating and body problems. I helped my colleague Michelle Lelwica incorporate it into her recent book "The Religion of Thinness." I don't know where you found it, but I'd appreciate it if you recommend the book and my work to others seeing more of this kind of approach. Thanks for spreading the good news of this kinder, softer approach. For more, please see my website: and the book website:


  2. Hi there. I notice that you didn't post my previous comment. What's up with that? If you didn't see the comment I left a few weeks ago, please let me know and I'll write up another one. It was about the concept of practicing peace with your body originating with my work with eating disorder patients. I helped my colleague Michelle Lelwica incorporate it into her book "The Religion of Thinness" published last Fall. It is interesting to note that your use of this phrase appeared shortly after she blogged on the Huffington post with this concept. Please refer folks to her work and mine at our websites:

    Thanks for your cooperation in spreading this great idea and giving credit where it is due!!