Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 5.....A very different week!

At the end of last week, I weighed in and had only lost .2lbs (8.2lbs total for 5 weeks). You would think that my response would be frustration, anger, etc. but it was not, in fact it was my expecation that things would slow down around now. My diet and exercise were very good last week so, contrary to what you might think, instead of getting more strict to keep the weight loss up, I decided it was time for a break! Most weight loss programs that are successful have a "cheat" or break time in them, for both pyschological and physiological purposes. If you go below your calorie needs for an extended period of time, eventually the fat loss will slow down because the body will go into "starvation" or protection mode, usually sacrificing hard earned muscle tissue and keeping the fat we do not want. So.......I competed in a 11.5 mile trail race on Sunday AM (very fun, muddy, cold and tough, just the way I like it) and afterwards ate just about anything I wanted! It was a fun day (especially because they have lots and lots of fun, free "cheat" foods at these trail races), felt good to relax a bit on what I ate. Today I am definitely feeling it (another advantage of going "off" your diet plan, you remember how terrible you feel and it motivates you to get back on) and am excited about the weeks to come!

Talk to you all next week.



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