Monday, March 29, 2010

Rami's Cleanse!


Well, I would love to tell you my "final" week was my 3rd in a row that was spot on, but it was not. Another valuable lesson however this week that I will share. Great 5 days, then Friday night we were celebrating my son's good grades on his report card with ice cream sundaes, my daughter loves my favorite ice cream (Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch - when I eat ice cream I want it to be worth it :-) and I was very good, not tempted at all. Then she left 2 bites in her bowl and I just could not throw it out. I was very happy, I ate that amount and no more, a HUGE accomplishment for this "addict"! The lesson here was that even though the small cheat did not affect me physiologically, it did affect me psychologically. The next night we had dinner with some new freinds and she served ice cream with sugary sauce afterwards, normally I would politely decline, however, since I had had dessert the night before I indulged, without really thinking about it! Again, on Sunday, same thing. Ate perfectly all day and then indulged in dessert afterwards! It is amazing, once that dam breaks, you don't even think twice. Anyway, back on the plan 100% today.

I will keep the blogs going, but only when I learn something useful to share with ya'all! Thanks for joining me on this journey, it has been quite a learning experience. BTW, I did weigh myself and the total is 8lbs for the 12 weeks. Another 12 to go (or so, don't really care, just want to be lighter on my feet) before my next competition, which at this point looks like October for an off road marathon.

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