Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Crazy Pancakes!

Quick Blog this week with a funny recipe included! Actually slept in this Sunday instead of doing my run, this was a "recovery week" on my marathon training plan (only ran a total of 250 minutes this week) so I decided to rest, relax and spend time with the family Sunday morning instead of running! I didn't have all the ingredients for my protein pancakes so I improvised.......enjoy!

1. 4 Whole eggs and 4 egg whites
2. 1 cup oatmeal
3. 1/2 cup pumpkin pancake mix - no idea where to get this, I added it for fun flavor
4. 2 tbs cinnamon
5. 2 tbs Chia Seeds (more on this in Blogs coming up - suffice to say our newest SUPERFOOD)
6. Added milk as needed (no cottage cheese and the pumpkin mix made it very thick) - it would have been much better with 1 cup Cottage Cheese!
7. Small amount of Vanilla Extract

Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth

Pre-heat pan with Pam and butter and.............Cook until your wife, the kids and the Dog say "Dad, we cannot breath, you are burning the pancakes again"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serve with Blueberry or regular low sugar syrup or fresh fruit (melt frozen fruit in microwave and put in Splenda, yummy)

Eat and then try to go for an afternoon run, not easy - VERY FILLING!

The kids actually liked these and asked for more!!!!!

Until next time,

We are ALL blessed!


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