Friday, February 19, 2010

Practicing peace with your body!

Here are a few simple strategies for cultivating real happiness by practicing peace with your body:

1) Be kind to your body (instead of engaging in cruel self-talk and/or physical torture).

2) Show your body love by nurturing it with enough good food (i.e. real, whole food) and physical movement that you feel relaxed and energized rather than stuffed and depleted.

3) Practice compassion for your body by slowing down enough to listen for signs of suffering -- i.e. a sore back, upset stomach, head ache, tight shoulders, etc. -- and give yourself/your body the care it is asking for.

4) Forgive yourself for not being physically or spiritually flawless; instead, embrace yourself as a whole human being who is a work in process and whose destination is the journey.

5) Exercise courage when you feel the urge to escape uncomfortable feelings or situations by depriving or indulging your appetite. Seek instead a middle path of staying present to what is.

6) Act responsibly towards your body by caring for it in a way that promotes overall health and well being -- mentally, physically, spiritually.

These are just a few ways that you can learn to feel at home in the body you have, while cultivating the deeper kind of happiness, peace, and well being that no diet or promise to lose weight can give.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6. . .

Weight loss: 0lbs, wt loss to date: 8lbs

This was an interesting week, a few things to share:

1. My "cheat" day last Sunday involved anything I wanted to eat and I realize at this point in my "Sugar Recovery phase" that was a mistake. I struggled all week with will power when it came to sugary foods (did not help that the kids were putting together Valentines packages) and this has not been the case for the past 5 weeks. This is completely due to the fact that I had sugary foods last Sunday. From now on, when I hit a plateau, I will still have cheat meals but no sugar - Pizza seems to be my biggest craving right now and 2-3 slices will do the trick!

2. I am feeling a lot leaner so I am not concerned about my lack of wt. loss this week, I am assuming I am gaining muscle along the way so this process will be slow, which is fine. My goal of being about 185-190lbs when I compete in my next race is very attainable as I probably won't be competing again till fall and my next really long one will be in 2011 or 2012!

3. Going to start counting carbs again, I think I am eating a bit too much fruit at this point for my goals. I will log my carbs this week and keep them under 150grams per day and see if that helps spark the process along.....

Thanks for all the great comments, it is much easier doing this journey with others!