Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Week Is It??

3/9/10 - 4:17pm

As I sit here in full detox from a wonderful wedding (my niece, remind me NEVER to try to keep up partying with 25 year olds again, I can beat them all running but not drinking :-) I am again reminded of the addictive power of junk food! I went out on my date night with my wife and had some wine last Wednesday night and "treated" myself to some carbs I wouldn't normally eat. I then awoke at 4:45am to workout and train clients, worked till 12pm and then drove 12 hours to Miami. Did very well on the way down, we packed food so we didn't have to eat junk. The rest of the weekend was spent driving down to Key West (we left the kiddies with Grandma in Miami) for the wedding and trying to keep up with the youngsters, I did not succeed! On the 12 hour drive home yesterday, exhausted and not feeling too well, my diet fell apart! As I always tell clients, this is just part of the plan, a "bump in the road" and today I am 100% back on the plan!

Till next week (note no weight loss stats this week, did not want to look :-)