Sunday, March 14, 2010



What a difference a week can make! After my full detox (took till Wednesday to feel normal again!) I ate very well this week and feel fantastic again. No sugar, no alcohol and keeping my calories a bit lower (tracking everything on ; - amazing how much that helps, takes about 5 minutes per day once you are set up and keeps you so accountable-). I added back Fiber One (I eat 2 servings (1 cup dry) with a protein shake as my "milk") to my diet and it is helping a lot, I find that on the lower carbs and lower calories I do well for a few days then I get hungry and the sugar cravings start back, adding the extra fiber really works!

I have decided to go back to my normal way of tracking my progress, staying away from the scale (just a FYI, I weighed in this AM and I am still down 8lbs from Jan 1st), focusing on how my clothes fit, my body fat % and, most importantly, how I feel in general and on my runs. This has been a wonderful learning experience in that I always preach what a poor indicator of progress the scale is and how frustrating and non-inspirational it can be, now I can say I tried it for 10 weeks and it really did SUCK!

Thanks again for all the inspirational notes and in-person comments, I will keep up this blog as long as people enjoy it, or maybe even longer :-)