Monday, March 22, 2010

Rami's Cleanse!

3/22 - 7:30am

As I sit here eating the leftovers from my protein pancakes I made yesterday for breakfast, I am struck by how wonderful I feel off of sugar! I had another great week, good training and diet about 90% clean which seems to be sustainable and work for my current goals, life, etc. No sugar cravings at all anymore, energy levels are fantastic, training is good and mood is very upbeat! Cannot attribute all of this to my abstinence from simple sugars but I am sure it has a LOT to do with it! Nothing really earth-shattering happened this week, except that I had a few "cheat moments" with popcorn, 1 slice of pizza, some bread, etc. and had no problem with cravings or getting back on the plan. Until next week, hope you are doing well with your plan and keep the questions, comments, kudos and anything else coming!



PS: Something I forgot, I am continuing to log everything (and I mean everything) I eat in (only during the week, I give myself the weekend off from logging, I still eat clean but I don't worry about calories and carbs as much) and it is one of the most powerful tools for staying on a plan! Use whatever works best for you, their are plenty of free apps for our phones, online trackers, or just an old-fashioned log book you carry around. It is the accountability that matters!