Friday, May 21, 2010


It's been a while and I have had a lot of inquires at the club about how my diet plan is going so I thought I would take a minute for a short update. As you know if you followed my blogs, I fairly successfully broke my sugar "addiction" and was able to drop 8 pounds of fat and maintain my muscle mass in 12 weeks. Not "Biggest Loser" kind of numbers but pretty much what I expected and I was happy. However, I am looking to be leaner and lighter when I run my next Off Road Ultra Marathon (God willing, spring of '11) so I am trying something "new" to accelerate the process.

After the 12 weeks were over, I took a 1 week break and thought over how it went for me. My overall conclusion was that it was much, much harder and less enjoyable than it had been in the past to clean out sugar from my diet. In 2001 I went 18 months with not a bit of simple sugar and I have done 3-6 month stints with no problem (except for the first 14 days) over the past 10 years. This one was not like that at all.

As I was thinking about what to do next, I added back about 3lbs of body weight and decided to just give myself a break for a bit. I decided to just watch what I eat and make an attempt to just eat less of all of my healthy foods and not cut out anything entirely. Now, this might seem like a very normal way to eat for most, but for me this is completely alien. I have stayed pretty lean for most of my adult life (since college) by eliminating "trigger foods" almost altogether for lengthy periods of time. I then "fall off the wagon" for a bit, get disgusted by how I feel then very motivated and start over. Probably not the best plan but works OK for me. Eating a normal diet (still very clean 80% of the time) and allowing myself cheat foods whenever I want (not on a planned schedule) is totally new to me.

News flash! I am more relaxed, happy and have dropped 6 lbs in a month (total wt loss since Jan 1st 11lbs)! I feel great, my runs are getting better and better and I never, ever feel deprived. Let me be clear, I am not eating pizza and Big Mac's daily. I am still eating fairly low carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of clean, lean protein at every meal and drinking ton's of water. I just allow myself to have some ice cream with the kids at night, french fries at the ball park, etc. and just am more conscious of eating less calories throughout the day. I find my energy level is higher and my mood is much better with the lower caloric intake (research supports this) and I am not focused on where my next meal is coming from all day.......this is a wonderful side effect of my "new" diet!

Never boring in my nutritional world, how about yours? Please keep the questions and comments coming, I love them!