Friday, July 23, 2010


What changes have I made to my diet? They have improved my blood lipid profiles and cholesterol too?

1. I switched all my meat to grass fed beef. No longer am I selling out and buying the store bought grain fed beef.

2. I tossed canola oil and started cooking with virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter! I also tried gee for the first time this week and love it!

3.I really cut out refined sugars in my diet. This change started last year when I attempted to eat totally "paleo". I have since modified a bit ( I just had a sip of my daughters slurpee) but for the most part, I don't eat much sugar.

4. I try really hard to keep corn oils out of my diet. That means no more processed foods. . .crackers, chips, popcorn. . .check the label. This helps me cut down on my Omega 6's. I also bumped up my Omega 3's! More fatty fish, canned salmon, and a great supplement for Omega 3's.

I know some of you who read this may think I am eating a lot of saturated fat!
The cool thing is that the more you clean up your diet from Omega 6's, sugar, processed foods and grain fed beef. . .the more your body can get healthy the way it is intended. Eat animals who get to walk around, and eat food they were intended to eat. Eat tons of veggies, some fruit, grass fed beef, fresh ( not farmed) fish, nuts ( especially almond butter! Yum!) and supplement with Vit D, K, Omega 3's and Juice Plus!