Thursday, September 23, 2010

Power Protein Pre Workout Shake!


I was looking through a bodybuilding magazine last weekend, which I NEVER do anymore,  and there were a ton of recipes for protein shakes (I know, shocker) that inspired me!  Heather and I used to make shakes every day, sometimes 2-3x per day and got kind of burnt out on it.  Now that we have all sorts of fun, new ingredients I decided to jump back in.  BTW, this is really a fun thing to do with your kids, they love the experimentation and "mad scientist" feeling as they add every ingredient in the kitchen and see how it tastes - note to self, protein powder, Cheerios and chocolate syrup do not mix well :-)

Anyway, check out the one I made last night for my "pre-workout" meal this morning.  I blended this last night and then put it in the fridge (so I wouldn't wake my family up at the crack of dawn) - it was awesome, I drank it on my way to my in-home client training session, ran about 5 miles and then did weights for 45 minutes with no hunger and felt awesome!  The oatmeal was not planned, I just did not have any bananas which I would normally use for my carb.  It worked really well and added some more long term energy to the mix!

You can, of course, modify based on taste or the amount of calories you need per meal........

"Power Protein Pre-Workout Shake" (this would be 2 servings for most people).

1. 1/2 cup dry oatmeal
2. 1/2 cup cottage cheese
3. 1 tbs natural peanut butter
4. 1 scoop vanilla whey protein isolate powder
5. 1 tbs CHIA SEEDS!
6. 1 tbs dark cocoa powder
7. Small amount of low sugar choc syrup (this was NOT needed - cocoa powder was more than enough and had virtually no calories or sugar)

Approx. Nutritional Breakdown:

40 Grams Protein
35 Grams Carbs (mostly slow acting)
6 grams soluble fiber!
21 grams fat (almost all "heart healthy" / Omega 3's)
500 calories