Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 1.5 of 18 in the books.......


A week and 1/2 down, 16.5 weeks to go........a quick breakdown of my first training week for the 50 mile race  3/5/2011

TRAINING: I did some type of cardio all 7 days.  I did not do a whole lot of trail running as I was coming off of a 3 week off cycle and I wanted to get my body back into the swing of regular running. Monday I biked 30 min, Tuesday walked on treadmill 40 min, Wed ran a bit, etc.  I ended up with 320 minutes of very, very easy cardio and 2 weight workouts.  My "long" run for the week was 70 minutes of easy trails.  Not a bad start, felt great and feel really motivated to start this program.   I also did some road running, which reminded me how my body does not like road running but it is definitely much easier to get a quick one in when you don't have a lot of time.  Did an interesting road run this AM:  Ran 45 min at 6:30am to a meeting at Elans on Ashford Dunwoody Rd.  Had the meeting, coffee and a whole grain bagel, then ran another 45 min home!

Body weight and composition:  Started this plan at 204lbs and 15% body fat.  Goal is to drop about 1lb per week of mostly body fat, keeping as much muscle tissue as I can along the way.  Unfortunately, I know way too much about human physiology (just enough to be dangerous as they say) so I know that when my running gets above 500min per week and long runs are in the 4-6hour range, keeping all my muscle will be impossible - unless I can get my hands on some legal Growth Hormone (joke).  Oh well, dropping a ton of muscle worked really well for Lance, maybe I can do the same (no, I am not comparing myself to Lance Armstrong and no, I definitely am not looking to get Testicular Cancer :-)

Diet:  Feeling really good.  Went "cold turkey" on simple sugar products starting the day after Halloween (ate about 400 of my kids candies so this was not an easy detox) and have not eaten any in 11 days.  Eating my Chia seeds every morning with my protein smoothie.  I will begin to cut my calories a bit when I start teaching our wt. loss program this Saturday, I want to experience the program with our participants!

Until next week, feeling very blessed to even be able to attempt this journey!