Thursday, January 6, 2011



Figured I would wait till a bit after New Years to talk about New Year's Resolutions.  We all know the stats:  92% of resolutions fail and those that make it last on average 14 days (I suppose that is the same as failing, unless your resolution was to just change or improve something in your life for 13 days!).

My wonderful wife recently sent me a post on resolutions and how, from a spiritual standpoint, it is better to keep your resolutions to yourself (i.e., don't brag about them) and you also might have a better chance of succeeding!  From my own personal experience and from studying how humans can implement true change in their lives, I am sure this approach might work for a very small percentage of the population, but I couldn't disagree more for myself and most people I know.  Of course, maybe my wife was just sick of hearing about mine and that was her nice way to tell me to shut up?

Anyway, in my normal fashion, I will share mine with you all and I want all of you that know me to challenge me, ask me about them, see how I am doing, etc.! These are in no particular order and were made over the past few months when I felt a strong need (best time to make a resolution) for a change.......

1. Reach out to the running, specifically ultra running community to develop new friends and running partners (I tend to gravitate towards solo running a lot):  already started this, took a trail "virgin" out this morning for 90 minutes of my 270min run before work today!

2. Try to let go of expectations in my marriage (been working on this one for about 10 years and have not made much progress :-)

3. Get up at the same time of day during the week (usually 4:30am).

4. Cut down alcohol consumption to celebrations and occasional weekend only (already 14 days into this and feel fantastic). 

5. Cut out simple sugar (been on this one since Halloween, with the exception of 11 days of craziness in there from 12/15/10 - 12/26/10). 

6. Let go of friends that are not reciprocating in our freindship.

For a more indepth article on how to acheive TRUE resolutions, click here:

Blessings to you all till next time!