Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I learned during Atlanta "SnowJam 2011"


First of all, if you are still going crazy indoors and have not been on Facebook checking out the workouts Heather has posted while stuck in Miami (I know, poor thing, don't you feel bad for her), scroll down and feel free to do her crazy workout at home tonight!

Anyway, what did I learn these past 3 days?  A few things!

1. My relationship and trust in the Lord has come a long way.  Typically, when things don't go the way I plan at work, especially given how GREAT last week was with new members coming in the gym, I would be very upset.  This time, I never once questioned what was going on or was mad about losing business.  I figured it was happening for a reason and tried my best to enjoy the "forced, unpaid vacation" with my kiddies.  That and with internet access I could catch up on a lot of year end accounting projects I had been putting off!

2. I really, really enjoy my time with my kids!  They have been so fun and such troopers getting outside (walking 2 hours both days with Dad to the store and back as an "adventure" was a blast)!

3. I really, really could not be cooped up indoors for long!  I need my outdoor  nature time so badly!

4. I really needed some sleep:  I slept 11pm - 7am 3 nights in a row!

5. I don't like indoor biking like I used to (I did about 3 hours on my spin bike in 72 hours to make up for the lack of runs)!  While training for Ironman, I actually did an indoor ride while watching the whole movie "Braveheart":  3 hours, 5 minutes, and loved every minute of it.  Now I need TV, my ipod AND my phone to keep me occupied for 60 minutes!  I always appreciate my trails, but now more than ever!

6. My wife does a lot of stuff around the house when I am working (ok, I already knew this and tell her all the time but figured it would be a good move to put it in here :-).  Between cooking, cleaning, laundry and then trying to stay caught up on rescheduling people, emails, projects, etc.  I was pretty busy these past few days!

7. Did I mention we have GREAT kids and I LOVE spending time with them?????

- Back to "normal" tomorrow, hope you all enjoyed and learned as much as I did these past 72 hours!  
On to Heather's bad-as# workout.........
Hello Formwell clients!
Are you getting antsy?
Want a good hard and yet quick workout to do today?
Grab your card deck
Every heart is a mountain climber
Every diamond is a jumping lunge
Every club is a  pushup
Every spade is a step up
Jacks are worth 11 reps
Queens are worth 12 reps and
Kings are 13 reps
Dont use aces but any joker is 10 burpees!!
If you pull a 3 of spades for example you do 3 step ups per leg( use a chair)
If you pull a Queen of hearts, you do 12 mountain climbers per leg
If you pull a 6 or diamonds  then do 6 jumping lunges per leg
If you pull 2 or 3 of the same suit in a row. . .add them together!!
I just did this workout and . . .whew!. .ready for a shower.
Enjoy and see you hopefully tomorrow!!
Stay warm!
Heather Odeh