Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 Weeks till 50 miles on the trails!

Nope, that is not me, just the best picture I could find to capture my past weekend running.  What a blast!  I am now 7 weeks out from my race and feeling very good (a bit behind, but for me that is probably a good thing because I tend to over train for races).  This past weekend my schedule called for a 300 minute run (I have decided that ultra runners and coaches use minutes instead of miles or hours to make it seem more attainable and not so crazy)! 

I was working Saturday so I decided to split my run up because there was a 20mile planned group run at Dawsonville National Forest (race site) and I really want to get some time on the course before my race.  The run was cancelled (the forest was actually closed due to the snow, didn't know it was possible to "close" a forrest, but they did) and at first I was disappointed, but after hitting the trails down here (1 hour south) I totally understood why!

Anyway, I ran at 6am Saturday at the river, it was very cold,  very dark and very lonely (shocker) and the whole trail was frozen.  It must have melted the day before as I was running through frozen footsteps for the whole time.  I managed to do 90 minutes without falling on my ass, so I considered it a succesful day. My ankles must be as strong as they have ever been at this point because they held up very well.

Sunday I met 2 buds at Kennesaw mountain and headed out for, what I thought, would be muddy (but no snow cover) trails.  I was wrong, it was about 75% covered with ice and snow!  I ended up with 220 minutes (note to self, do not plan these crazy long runs so you see your car - read: finish line - more than 1x - too tempting to stop early) but had a GREAT run.  I ran pain free and strong for the whole time.  Nutrition was great - peanut butter, honey, banana and Nutella Sandwiches ROCK and mentally I was very focused and happy.

So, ended up with 310 minutes for the weekend (not sure how many miles due to slow pace in snow) and a new appreciation for how well trail shoes work in tough conditions (watching the people try to climb Kennesaw mountian in their church clothes while I ran full speed down in shorts and a t-shirt was very entertaining).

7 weeks to go and feeling good, another planned 300 minute run coming up this weekend and then (God willing) a group NIGHT run on the course on the 29th - now, that should spark a Blog entry for sure!

Blessings to all,