Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Days to Go!

I cannot believe after 18 weeks (or 33 years, depending on how you look at it) of training that my attempt at a 50 mile trail run is almost here!  I spent last week in NY, interesting running on roads again since the trails were covered with 3 feet of snow - I know, what a wimp, I should have bought snow shoes and headed up the mountain!  Actually, I did try running about a mile on the trails on the first day since it was 16degrees (8 with wind chill) and the snow was frozen over but it really didn't count as running, more like fast hiking and falling!

Anyway, since my last blog I completed my longest training run, 5 hours or about 30 miles and felt great so I had huge confidence after that.  About a week later I attempted a 3 hour run (17 mile loop at Kennesaw) and felt absolutely horrible, believe it or not this was a good sign!  I called my coach and in his words, "you are throttled, time to back off and recover"  As much as I hate to taper, at the end of this run I could tell my body was ready for some down time.  Perfect timing to go to NY and visit my mom! 

As is my usual M.O.D., I caught a cold when I was up there (the last real cold I had was December of 2009 when tapering for my 40 mile run at Pine Mountain, my immune system really hates recovery :-) and so when I got back I only did a 2 hour run Sunday, what a beautiful day - great to run without 13 layers on!

Now comes the hardest part for me, letting my body and mind get ready for this feat!  This weekend I have a 90 minute run planned Sunday and then it is 30-45 min of either spinning or light running up until the race.  Take Thursday completely off and run 25 minutes Friday to loosen up the legs.

Wish me luck on 3/5/11:  The race starts at 6:30am and, God Willing, I will be crossing the finish line before 6:30pm that night! 

My goals for next Saturday are this, in order of priority:

1. Connect with the Lord in a meaningful way somewhere along the path
2. Learn something about myself and my connection to God somewhere along the path
3. Finish the race
4. Finish the race without injury
5. Finish the race feeling strong and smiling
6. Finish the race feeling strong and under 12 hours

Next Blog will be post race, if I have enough strength to type!