Monday, August 20, 2012


The Journey to 100 Miles Continues…..

Well, it has been a month of training and I am still alive!  One thing to note, I am no longer calling this race an “attempt” – I was very kindly(?) reminded by one of the guys in my Tuesday AM Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Class ( ) that calling it an attempt is setting myself up for failure.  Basically I was making it OK if I drop out before the finish.  It is not OK, I am going to do everything I can to get to that finish line!!!

So, it is now just a 100 mile race, the goal being to arrive at the finish line in one piece, in under 30 hours, and learn something about myself and God along the way!

The past 5 weeks have actually been fantastic, training wise.  I have run (in miles): 40, 38, 47, 31 (recovery) and 51.  In minutes, approx: 480, 456, 564, 372, 612.  My miles are just an estimate, I never measure distance anymore, but normally I average between 9 – 14 minute miles on the trails, depending on climbs – so I just divide my minutes by 12 to get an estimated distance.  Time on my feet is what matters most at this point!

Amazingly (for me), these mileage weeks are normal for people training for marathons (26.2miles), ultra-marathon people train 60-100 miles, or more, on a regular basis!  I am trusting my years of base building and the strength I get from the awesome CrossFit Endurance Classes ( ) will allow me to make it to the starting line and finish line fit and injury free with significantly less weekly miles than most people do preparing for these events.  I obviously love running, but not 100 miles a week worth right now – maybe when I retire and the kids are in college!

My body is feeling really good, no major injuries to report (same old aches and pains but nothing new - Praise God) and actually feel better running than I do walking!  For example, yesterday when I started it was a struggle to walk up a hill to warm up, once I began running I felt fine – this must be a good sign!  I am enjoying the process and have some fun training runs planned coming up.  I decided to design my training plan 4 weeks at a time, allows for me to adjust depending on how I am progressing and allow for some intuition (i.e., today I taking a complete day off cause my body told me to!)

Last Monday I decided to clean up my diet immensely – doing “A.P.A.P.” for the next 12 weeks (“As Paleo As Possible) – did great last week, then it was my son’s 11th birthday and Heather made brownies, so….. you know the rest!  Back on it today!

Most importantly, I am working this hobby around; 

  • Working on my relationship with with Jesus Christ 
  • Being the best version of myself that I can be: husband, father, friend
  • Taking care of and spending quality time with my family (Saturday I was done with my 3 hour run before they even got out of bed), and;
  • Trying to be focused and productive at work.     
So far, so good!

I am also nailing down my “pacers” that will stay with me after it gets dark – these men will be very important in keeping me on the trail, well fed and awake!!!!  Thank you, Troy for stepping up for mile 68 to the finish.  Now, get out there and run today!!!

Other good news this week was that I finally published my book; Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runners Path to Hearing God (the 3 of you that follow my blog regularly will find some of the content a bit familiar)!  It is currently available as a Kindle download at: – paperback will be available in about 5 days!

Even more good news is I am finalizing the email blast to go out to raise money for the Night Shelter in Atlanta (a homeless shelter for men, supported by our church).  I have decided to dedicate this run to the Glory of God and use it to raise awareness and, God Willing, some money to help these unfortunate homeless men.

If you read this blog and would like to donate (100% of the funds will go to the shelter), you can simply send me your email and phone number and the amount you want to pledge per mile (instead of a flat amount, this will be another powerful thing to keep me motivated when the hard times come) – I will follow up after the race to tell you where (and how much) to send your check!

Thanks for staying with me on this journey – more to come!